Samina Sundas of American Muslim Voice

Interview with Samina Sundas of American Muslim Voice

Rev. Dr. Diana Gibson and Samina Sundas
I have known Samina for many years as she has worked to help Americans understand that Muslims are our friends and neighbors, they are integrated into the fabric of the American story as much as every other religious minority. All of this should go without saying except that 9/11 changed everything. Suddenly, Muslims became suspects. And Samina has been working tirelessly to reach out to the community, to those in need and to speak out whenever others are threatened or in need. She welcomes us into her home on Muslim holy days and is well-known throughout the Bay Area for her advocacy for justice and peace for all people.

Samina is perhaps most visible in Santa Clara County where she works with Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice. She organizes commemorations of 9/11 and is often interviewed by radio and TV stations when they have questions about issues that affect Muslims.

My co-host for this episode is Maya Gallon who is a Menlo-Atherton high school student. As you will hear, Maya is very well read on US history and our country's trouble with racism and discrimination. Thank you Maya for your contributions to this episode.

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