Why I am going to Treaty People Gathering


Hundreds of people will be attending Treaty People Gathering in Minnesota this weekend. Many of us are attending as part of an interfaith delegation with the support of GreenFaith, and some of us are members of Presby Peace Fellowship.

The first reason I am attending is because we’ve been asked to attend by the indigenous leaders of the TPG. They put out a call for people of faith to join them and so many of us are responding to that call. I believe we are called to be in solidarity with those who are on the front lines of our climate catastrophe. 

The second reason I am joining is because I believe our country, our civilization and the world as we know it is on the precipice of disaster. How many alarms have to go off before we get the message that our climate is on fire? Scientists warn that one more tipping point may be the one that results in an domino of events and disasters that we will not be able to control.

It is past time for us to act for the survival of this gift of creation that has been bestowed on us. Let us act now for the sake of the world we all love and for the sake of future generations.


Please check back here for updates on events at TPG.

With gratitude for Creation,

Rev. Geoff Browning


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