A Tour of Montgomery, AL with Wanda Battle


Wanda Battle is a Montgomery, Alabama native,
great Jalimuso, female Griot, talented singer and master
storyteller. She is the former tour director of Dexter Avenue
King Memorial Baptist Church in Montgomery where the Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pastored for almost 6 years while he
led the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She is now the founder and
CEO of  Legendary Tours LLC. She has a passion for human
and civil rights, and social justice. She is no stranger to the
historical relevance of Montgomery. Being born during the 1956
Montgomery Bus Boycott and raised during the 1960’s Civil
Rights Movement, Wanda has grown up with a strong sense of
community and she loves to share that with people through the
art of storytelling. 

I had the opportunity to meet Wanda during a civil rights pilgrimage tour that I took with about 20 others
from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Olympia. Wanda, as you will hear for yourself, is an ebullient,
enthusiastic and inspiring storyteller and historian of Montgomery and the civil rights era.


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